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CONVERGED is the premier Dell EMC customer resource for helpful tips and tricks for managing your CI and HCI products and solutions, as well as the latest information from Dell EMC and the industry.

We provide several ways, including events, videos and news updates, in which members can access timely and relevant news and education that will keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest industry information.

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CONVERGED is the premier Dell EMC customer resource for helpful tips and tricks for managing your CI and HCI products and solutions, as well as the latest information from Dell EMC and the industry.

We provide several ways, including events, videos and news updates, in which members can access timely and relevant news and education that will keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest industry information.


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Dell Technologies and Cisco Reaffirm Joint Commitment to Converged Infrastructure with Multi-Year AgreementOpen in a New Window

There’s industry chatter about what the growing adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) might mean for the converged infrastructure (CI) space. As a company that retains its top spot in IDC’s Certified Reference Systems & Integrated Infrastructure Tracker with a 48% share — nearly 1.5X that of any other vendor — and serves thousands of customers who rely on CI, Dell EMC thinks it’s clear CI will remain a popular choice for years to come. We continue to invest in energizing the CI space, helping customers to modernize and automate for the cloud era on our VxBlock ... READ MORE


Simple, Scalable, Containerized Deep Learning using NautaOpen in a New Window

Deep learning is hard. Between organizing, cleaning and labeling data, selecting the right neural network topology, picking the right hyperparameters, and then waiting – hoping – that the model produced is accurate enough to put into production. It can seem like an impossible puzzle for your data science team to solve. But the IT aspect of the puzzle is no less complicated, especially when the environment needs to be multi-user and support distributed model training. From choosing an operating system, to installing libraries, frameworks, dependencies, and development platforms, building the infrastructure to support your company’s deep ... READ MORE


IDC Vendor Spotlight Underlines IT Modernization Opportunities for Dell EMC PartnersOpen in a New Window

Take advantage of top advice from industry analyst firm IDC on how to best pitch IT modernization to your prospects and customers Are all of your prospects and customers considering how IT modernization can benefit their business? They should be, because they’re in danger of being left behind if they don’t find a way to remain agile and efficient in today’s fast-moving, digitally driven world. As a Dell EMC partner, you’re ideally placed to assume the role of trusted advisor, consulting with key stakeholders and offering guidance on the best technology solutions to suit their specific ... READ MORE


Adding Lustre Storage to the HPC EquationOpen in a New Window

For organizations that need extreme scalability in high-performance computing systems, Lustre is often the file system of choice — for a lot of good reasons. When it comes to high-performance computing applications, there is basically no such thing as too much data storage. Who doesn’t need more storage? Everywhere you look, HPC applications are ballooning in size. A few examples: AccuWeather, the world’s largest source of weather forecasts and warnings, responds to more than 30 billion data requests daily.[1] The wave of medical data washing over the global healthcare industry is expected to swell to 2,314 ... READ MORE


Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage Program – A Marketing Solution to Engineering ProblemsOpen in a New Window

Pure Storage (“Pure”) makes a lot of noise about their Evergreen Storage program.  With bold claims like “never rebuy a TB you’ve purchased, never do a data migration again and never do another forklift upgrade”, but the devil, and more importantly, the customer costs are in the details.  We think after reviewing the facts you will come to the same conclusions we have.  At its core Evergreen Storage – in our opinion –  is a marketing program with features designed to overlook architectural shortcomings by focusing on specific customer benefits, while netting Pure high profit margins ... READ MORE


Winning the Red Queen’s Race with Kinetic InfrastructureOpen in a New Window

Are you running fast just to stay in the same place? In Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Through the Looking Glass, when Alice meets the Red Queen, she runs as fast as she can, but then realizes they remain under the same tree where they started. “You may call it nonsense if you like,” but the Red Queen’s race can be an all-too real experience in the data center.[1] You are evolving, not to gain advantage, but simply to stand still in a world that is constantly changing. Maintaining the status quo might help you survive, but you ... READ MORE


Meet the Women of the Dell EMC Partner Program: Shawn TrotterOpen in a New Window

This is one in our series, Meet the Women of the Dell EMC Partner Program, which provides insight into what drives the inspiring women of the Dell EMC channel. Missed the first posts? Get to know Joyce Mullen (President, Global Channel, OEM & IoT, Dell EMC), Cheryl Cook (Senior Vice President of Global Channel Marketing, Dell EMC), Julie Christiansen (Vice President, Global Channel Marketing, Dell EMC), Sheri Hedlund (Vice President, US Channel Sales, Dell EMC), Kim Lasseter (Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing Enablement & Tools, Dell EMC), Diane Brode (Director, Global Partner Marketing, Dell EMC) and Heather Wilcox (CSG Channel Field Marketing Director) ... READ MORE


Mining for Gold in Worldwide Centers of ExcellenceOpen in a New Window

With the ever-growing flood of data hitting today’s enterprises, we’re in the midst of a new gold rush. To twist around a line from a Mark Twain character, you might say “there’s gold in them thar hills of data.” But this is true only for those organizations that can put high-performance computing systems, data analytics and artificial intelligence to work to capture nuggets of business value from streams of data. So how do you get started down this path? Mining value from business data is, arguably, a lot more complicated than panning for gold in mountain ... READ MORE


Integrated Data Protection for VMware Environments: Storage and Data Protection for Today, a Cloud-Ready Foundation for TomorrowOpen in a New Window

Digital Transformation has changed the landscape of what data is to organizations. As a result, the essential functions of modern-day data protection products and their relationship to users must be addressed. As more users adopt virtualization, Dell EMC’s deep integration with VMware’s products and technologies have never been more important. The Dell EMC portfolio of data protection products provides the best experience for VMware users, with automation and orchestration across the entire VMware stack – on-premises and in the cloud. Integrated Data Protection Appliances, or IDPAs, provide a converged platform that combines compute, storage, and networking ... READ MORE


Data & Deep Learning: Embracing the Art of the PossibleOpen in a New Window

I’m often surprised to find companies that continue to invest in data strategies that fail to respond to their business needs.  They are taking a page from an old playbook and expect it to work in their new, rapidly evolving environments.  They’re trying to forge a new path with an old map, which won’t help them keep pace with competitors, continue to innovate or ultimately grow their businesses. Companies today need to adopt a new mentality when it comes to data analytics. They should work to imagine and embrace the art of the possible. In doing so, ... READ MORE



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CONVERGED TV offers members quick tips and tricks from Dell EMC experts and users. Throughout the year, CONVERGED delivers helpful information and insight for maximizing your investments in Dell EMC products and solutions.

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