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CONVERGED is the premier Dell EMC customer resource for helpful tips and tricks for managing your CI and HCI products and solutions, as well as the latest information from Dell EMC and the industry.

We provide several ways, including events, videos and news updates, in which members can access timely and relevant news and education that will keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest industry information.

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CONVERGED is the premier Dell EMC customer resource for helpful tips and tricks for managing your CI and HCI products and solutions, as well as the latest information from Dell EMC and the industry.

We provide several ways, including events, videos and news updates, in which members can access timely and relevant news and education that will keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest industry information.


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Dell EMC Goes Head-to-Head with Competitors at ISC 2019Open in a New Window

ISC pitted the world’s biggest names in HPC against each other in a Vendor Showdown Session — and gave the top nod to Dell EMC’s Jay Boisseau. The annual international supercomputing conference (ISC) is a time when the world’s biggest and best HPC system vendors come together to share their insights in presentations, showcase their latest innovations, and compete for the attention of the industry and its customers. That was certainly the case this year at the ISC 2019 conference in Frankfurt. The approximately 3,500 attendees who made it to the five-day gathering got a look ... READ MORE


Data Protection Strategies for VxRail in a Multi-Cloud WorldOpen in a New Window

As customers are facing explosive data growth in their data centers – 163 ZB of data by 2025 – it has become imperative for businesses to protect and manage that data as well. However, data protection in the traditional data center can be inefficient, expensive, complex, and require multiple vendors. Dell EMC’s data protection solutions can simplify these complexities through integration, scalability, and automation to empower data owners with the necessary tools to meet the needs of fast-growing organizations of any size. Colin Durocher, Product Manager from Dell EMC, and KJ Bedard, VxRail Technical Marketing Manager ... READ MORE


What’s It Take to Build a Great HPC Cluster? Ask These Students.Open in a New Window

At ISC High Performance 2019, a team sponsored by Dell EMC and other technology leaders took home the top prize in the Student Cluster Competition. The business of building a high-performance computing system and optimizing it for top performance on industry benchmarks may seem like it belongs strictly in the domain of technology experts. But not so, says a team of six South African undergraduate students. This team, affiliated with the South African Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC), took home the gold at a recent international competition that pitted teams of students against each other ... READ MORE


You’re a Technology Company. Now What?Open in a New Window

One of the greatest things about product releases and the excitement they draw, is the opportunity to sit down and talk with customers. Yes, customers want to talk to us about what’s new, but more importantly, they want to share incredible stories about their journeys. As you listen to these stories, it becomes crystal clear the “technology knife fights” vendors get into pale in comparison to the economics and business realities these businesses face. Let’s unpack what this means. Digital Transformation – it’s not just a buzzword, it’s the new reality. Every organization in every industry ... READ MORE


Dell EMC Maintains ‘Commanding Market Share Lead’ in HPC StorageOpen in a New Window

A new report from Intersect360 Research says Dell EMC maintains a commanding market share lead in high-performance storage and is also the leader in total HPC solutions revenue. The worldwide HPC storage market continues to grow, and once again Dell EMC is maintaining a significant market-share lead, according to a new report from Intersect360 Research.[1] “The HPC storage category grew to approximately $5.7 billion worldwide in 2018, up 1.0% from 2017,” Intersect 360 Research notes. “Dell EMC maintained a commanding market share lead, with above-average revenue growth.” Intersect360 Research defines HPC as the use of servers, ... READ MORE


Should You Buy a Name-Brand or a Commodity Server? Research Reveals the AnswerOpen in a New Window

Do you think a server is a commodity? Frost & Sullivan found that most savvy businesses don’t think a server is a commodity. In fact, organizations with strategic business objectives place greater value on server characteristics that directly impact these outcomes. Buying a server is not like buying corn. Commodity brands are characterized by high-volume, low-price strategies. Name brands are characterized by a broad portfolio of products and services, and offer products vetted with testing and validation. Buyers of name-brand servers tend to be laser focused on business-related outcomes. They place a greater priority on factors ... READ MORE


Deploying A New Surveillance System?Open in a New Window

Deploying a new surveillance system? Test for the “what-ifs” of system-wide integration. Accelerate time to deployment, minimize risks, and overcome complexities of surveillance system integration with the most comprehensive lab validation services in the industry. With the solution from Dell, we can guarantee 100% uptime, no data loss, and no service disruption, which means maximum business continuity. — Enzo Palladini, Sales and Engineering Office Manager, Bettini Video There can be no questions when it comes to the reliability of your surveillance infrastructure. Given what’s at stake—whether downtime in daily operations, loss of critical evidence, or worse ... READ MORE


Data Protection in a Multi-Cloud WorldOpen in a New Window

As organizations move along the path of digital transformation, enterprise cloud usage continues to evolve as well. IDC has predicted that by 2020, over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms.[1] Over time, workloads will become more dynamic and applications will span clouds or move between them for resiliency, performance and cost considerations. The public cloud allows businesses to be much more efficient in consuming technology, paying only for what they need. In addition, public cloud service providers are constantly innovating around data management, artificial intelligence and machine learning. A modern hybrid strategy ... READ MORE


Accelerate Commercial HPC workloads with SAGA – Find out how with Dell EMC Isilon and AltairOpen in a New Window

An ongoing challenge with HPC workloads is that as the number of concurrent jobs increases, storage reaches a critical point where NFS latency spikes, and beyond that critical point, all workloads are running on that storage crawl. An integration of Dell EMC Isilon scale-out storage with Altair Accelerator enables Storage-Aware Grid Acceleration (SAGA), an elegant and innovative solution that can address your next wave of design challenges. As the number of concurrent jobs in HPC workloads increases, storage latency spikes and workloads start to crawl. Let us consider a scenario in which you have 10,000 cores ... READ MORE


Google Cloud Anthos – Get a Fast Start with VxFlex!Open in a New Window

This post is co-authored by David Adams, Product Manager for the VxFlex Family of hyper-converged products at Dell EMC. Taking on a new technology platform can create new opportunities and challenges. Getting off to the right start takes preparation and planning. In today’s bold new world of cloud native applications, adoption means changing work habits like DevOps, the application construct, and a new operating system paradigm called containers. Getting out of the starting gate with the advantage of speed means focusing on developing new applications and the bench strength to leverage new tools like Kubernetes and ... READ MORE



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