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CONVERGED is the premier Dell EMC customer resource for helpful tips and tricks for managing your CI and HCI products and solutions, as well as the latest information from Dell EMC and the industry.

We provide several ways, including events, videos and news updates, in which members can access timely and relevant news and education that will keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest industry information.

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CONVERGED is the premier Dell EMC customer resource for helpful tips and tricks for managing your CI and HCI products and solutions, as well as the latest information from Dell EMC and the industry.

We provide several ways, including events, videos and news updates, in which members can access timely and relevant news and education that will keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest industry information.


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Growing the Dell EMC partnership with NVIDIAOpen in a New Window

Dell EMC announces resell of  the NVIDIA DGX-1 deep learning server available to organizations around the world. For years, Dell EMC has worked to bring the power of GPU-accelerated computing to our high-performance computing customers. This is a quest that continues today, with more momentum than ever before. During ISC 2019, Dell EMC announced a portfolio of AI systems which now includes the NVIDIA DGX-1, offering high performance for the most challenging AI workloads. You can now find NVIDIA GPUs inside several Dell EMC servers and Ready Solutions, including the new Dell EMC DSS 8440 server ... READ MORE


Be a Smart Port City of Call!Open in a New Window

Port of Rotterdam Authority, Photographer: Eric Bakker Over the years, ports have constantly evolved and embraced innovation to stay relevant. Just think about the advent of the bridge crane and shipping containers, which radically transformed how materials were shipped and handled. Once again, the winds of change are blowing. Homogenous competition among ports is forcing operators to think about value innovation. With Brexit coming down the tracks and the US negotiating new global trade agreements, things look set to become even more complex. The current business model of seeking competitive advantage and profitable growth by focusing ... READ MORE


Meet Deep Learning with Intel – The New Addition to the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI PortfolioOpen in a New Window

This post is co-authored by Carlos Morales, Senior Director of Deep Learning Systems, AI Products Group, Intel The new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI – Deep Learning with Intel accelerates AI insights, optimizes TCO and offers a fast on-ramp for deep learning workloads. In a quest to bring the promise of artificial intelligence to life and capitalize on the massive amounts of data generated on a 24×7 basis, many organizations are rushing to pull together the different technology elements needed to power deep learning workloads. Today, this quest just got a lot easier with the ... READ MORE


Finding the Sweet Spot When It Comes to Your Server Refresh CycleOpen in a New Window

Nothing lasts forever. Despite the rumors, even Twinkies have a limited shelf life. Which is why the server refresh cycle is so important for organizations today. Servers don’t last forever, and waiting too long to replace can result in downtime and put your core business functions at risk. But on the flip side, if you refresh too soon and for the wrong reasons, it could be a costly decision that eats up most of your IT budget. So How Do You Find That Server Refresh “Sweet Spot”? When it comes to server refresh, there are plenty ... READ MORE


Taking the Fear Factor Out of AIOpen in a New Window

For decades, films like Space Odyssey, War Games, Terminator and The Matrix have depicted the future and what it would be like if artificial intelligence (AI) took over the world. Fast forward to 2019 and AI is quickly becoming a reality. The things we only used to see in the movies are improving our daily lives and we often don’t realize it. We’ve been living with AI assistance for quite some time. We use Waze and Google Maps to help us predict traffic patterns and find the shortest driving routes. We let Roomba navigate our homes ... READ MORE


Not Just Another G: What Exactly is 5G?Open in a New Window

We have all heard about 5G, but what exactly is it? 5G is simply defined as the fifth generation networks. It’s not just another G. Yes, this wireless system upgrade delivers data to our mobile phones at remarkably fast speeds. But while 5G will indeed make our smartphones faster, it will also play a large role in the development of other kinds of wireless technology including but not limited to artificial intelligence, drones, IoT, TeleHealth, Autonomous vehicles etc. Uber is considered the ‘app that 4G built’ so what will 5G build? The possibilities are endless with ... READ MORE


That’s Entertainment, Folks!Open in a New Window

Next time you settle down on the couch to watch a Netflix movie, give a passing thought to the technology at the backend powering your entertainment. We talk about how technology has transformed the way we do business, but I think the changes have been equally radical on the home front. Just ten years ago, we all had cable or terrestrial TV and cell phones were there to make calls while on the move. To quote W.B Yeats’ famous lines, ‘All has changed, changed utterly.’ Streaming TV content Today, we’re viewing on-demand, streaming TV services, like ... READ MORE


Dell EMC Doubles Down on VxBlock at Cisco Live: Introducing NVMe Innovations, VxBlock Central 2.0Open in a New Window

Earlier this Spring, Dell EMC reaffirmed its decade-long commitment to converged infrastructure (CI) through the multi-year extension of its longstanding systems integrator agreement with Cisco. At the heart of our CI strategy is the VxBlock 1000, a system that delivers a true mission critical-foundation for the hybrid cloud and helps customers achieve greater simplicity and efficiency. This year at Cisco Live, Dell EMC is excited to make several announcements that deepen VxBlock 1000 integration across servers, networking, storage and data protection. Together, these announcements represent the next key milestone in our commitment to CI innovation and ... READ MORE


Film, Pixel, PointOpen in a New Window

The following is a guest post from Glenn Gainor, President, Innovation Studios, Sony Entertainment & Technology Let me take you on a journey and start off by telling you that I’ve never publicly shared this story… until now. Some 20 years ago, on a film called “Happy Texas,” I had a problem the night before shooting. It seemed like everything was in order – we had the cameras on the truck, we had the grip and electric equipment loaded; the crew was ready—I had personally spoken to each department head and we had the locations all ... READ MORE


Evolution at the EdgeOpen in a New Window

At Dell Technologies World this year, customers and journalists were curious about trends I am seeing in the marketplace and predictions for the future. I shared my views on the impact of 5G , how AI and IoT are continuing to intersect, and the need for businesses to have consistent, flexible infrastructure to quickly adapt. I also emphasized that the foundation of all these transformations is the shift to edge computing—and it’s our OEM & IoT customers across all industries who are leading this evolution. Location, location, location At this point, I should clarify what I ... READ MORE



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CONVERGED TV offers members quick tips and tricks from Dell EMC experts and users. Throughout the year, CONVERGED delivers helpful information and insight for maximizing your investments in Dell EMC products and solutions.

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